Surgeon inspired by wife to start motorcycle fundraiser

Marcos Barnatan, M.D., a surgeon with Legacy Medical Group – Vascular, is also the founder and president of NW Moto MD’s, a group of health professionals from around the region. When they expressed a desire raise money and awareness for an important cause, Dr. Barnatan and LMG clinic manager Scott Dillinger created the first annual Mammary 500. Dr. Barnatan’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. “She went through chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries. She is my inspiration,” he says.  

The Mammary 500 is a fun-filled weekend motorcycle road trip around the state of Oregon. Riders are raising funds for the Legacy Health Tumor Bank and the battle against breast cancer. The tumor bank collects donated tissue for cancer related research that scientists then use to study things like how cancer cells work, the causes of cancer and markers that predict who will respond to treatment.